ABOUT Daniel Jay Freed

Daniel Jay Freed – Bio

Daniel is an emerging artist living in West Chester Pennsylvania. He creates very unique, highly energetic pen & ink drawings and watercolors using slightly surreal, humorous story-based concepts focusing on daily life. Daniel is currently doing a series of pen & ink drawings (with and without watercolor) of downtown West Chester PA city life. Most of the pen & ink works are humorous, featuring the people and places of West Chester. He often adds ( in writing throughout the work ) the thoughts of the characters and even the objects, as well as his own stream of consciousnesses comments.

Dan was raised in Cleveland OH, lived in Columbus for 20 years, and lived in Oregon for 9 years before moving to PA in 2014. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the Columbus College of Art and Design in 1990 and received a Master of Arts in Teaching from Western Oregon University in 2009. He has taught art in public schools, University of Oregon, and community centers. He is married with 2 children...and 2 annoying cats. He continues to perform as a comedy magician for family events, performs with local improv comedy group Better Than Bacon, and does caricatures as event entertainment. He's drawn caricatures of at least 20,000 people, and some of those people even liked it :)

Dan never stopped wanting to pursue a career in the fine arts, and continued to work on his oil paintings since the 90's, but until now, had not been able to make it a priority. Now, at age 53, better late than never, he is able to focus on his art career.

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